• Landmark can earn a 100% interest in the 3,300 acre Larder River project which is located three kilometers west of the village of New Ross, N.S., in the central portion of the South Mountain Batholith – 100km from Halifax, right off of the highway and proximal to port
  • Larder River has a 1km by 75m strike length of strongly elevated lithium levels associated with a columbo-tantalite bearing pegmatite dike, from work conducted in 2009
  • Existing lithium sampling up to 769 ppm, along with 3340 ppm Nb+Ta.
  • Core from 14 holes available for assay from 1962-63 drill program stored at Stellarton mean very early recognition of lithium bearing system from the “truth machine” – the drill rig – one of these intersected 4 individual pegmatites
  • The property hosts a stacked sequence of pegmatite dikes which means multiple pay zones from drilling and low CAPEX/OPEX in mining
  • Overburden is generally fairly thin (<2m) and any coherent rare metal anomalies should be trenched where practical for low development, drilling and delineation costs
  • Potential for open-pittable shallow scenario, low CAPEX/OPEX. Tantalum and other byproducts for zero cost lithium production
  • The Chinese are now in Nova Scotia doing bulk samples of lihium deposits -
  • Tesla recently announced a 5 year lithium research partnership that began on June 8, 2016 with Dalhousie University, in Nova Scotia. The program is headed up by Professor Dahn, a leading rechargeable battery researcher.

The Perfect Target: Larder River

The following factors:

Logistics (100km from Halifax, year round access, off highway, proximal to port)

Previous work (existing core, soil grid anomaly, regional work)

Geology (stacked pegmatites, outcrops to surface, valuable by-products, straightforward metallurgy)

Supporting Environment (Processing research (Dalhousie/Tesla) partnership and a friendly regulatory environment and fiscal incentives including grant money, tax breaks, flow through, etc. are also important factors that favour the Larder River project.)

Similarities to Brazil Lake Larder River is in the same South Mountain Batholith of extruded igneous rock that contains Brazil Lake (Larder is in the center of this batholith and Brazil Lake is at the south end); Larder River has, at surface, extrusion of light colour granite rock just like Brazil Lake. These granites host pegmatite dikes which contain high grades of Lithium, Tantalum and Rubidium; Brazil Lake pegmatite boulder sampling in 2011, looking for new pegmatites to drill test showed results in the same range for Lithium as the anomalies seen in the soil sampling program at Larder River; Brazil Lake core drilling program of 28 holes in 2011 encountered LiO² as high as 7.7% in spodumene crystals with average grades of 1.08% (North Pegmatite Dike) and 1.39% (South Pegmatite Dike)